The 19th Annual Food & Wine Festival will be held in the Grand Ballroom and includes hors d’oeuvres, a sit-down dinner, an open wine bar, cocktails and music. The highlights of the evening are the silent and live auctions.  Historically, patrons of this event have left with trips, luxury resort accommodations, private cruises, jewelry, golf outings at exclusive & private courses, sports memorabilia, spa services, and restaurant gift cards to name a few.

the learning center


The Learning Center at The Els Center of Excellence (TLC) is a non-profit Palm Beach County charter school that is home to 130 children with autism spectrum disorders, ranging in age from 3 through 14.  Many of these students are challenged with sensory, auditory, and language processing disorders that require specific curriculum tailored for their skill set and learning capabilities. Many of these challenges also produce behavior patterns that must be modified and modeled by trained behaviorists to facilitate learning in the classrooms.  Due to the attention required for each student, the funding received from the State does not cover the financial requirements of the low student-to-teacher ratios and other special needs requirements and the school must fundraise on it’s own to cover the deficit.  The proceeds from this event will we used to supplements the operating deficits. For more information, visit

The Autism Project of Palm Beach County (APPBC) is a parent found & sponsored, non-profit organization incorporated since 1996 to generate funding for services, resources, and education to improve the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families. For more information, visit
Autism Project of Palm Beach County will use it’s portion of the proceeds from the event to fund it’s newest adult services venture.  Group housing is being developed for adults with autism spectrum disorders.  Housemates will receive therapy services within the home and will be shuttled to and from work at an off-site location.  This new development will provide adults, some of which are exiting Renaissance Learning Academy, greater independence and sustainable long-term care.





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the  learning  academy

The  Learning Academy (TLA) is a non-profit Palm Beach County charter high school serving students ages 14-21 with autism spectrum disorders including Aspergers.  TLA’s mission is “Preparation for Life After School”.  To achieve this mission, the school helps individuals with autism spectrum disorders in the areas of academics, vocational, functional life , social, and communication skills.  

Benefiting APPBC, the students at The Learning Center  and The Learning Academy at the Els Center of Excellence 

Autism Project of Palm Beach County  

The non-profit organization, Autism Project of Palm Beach County (“APPBC”) is on the front lines supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorders in Palm Beach County. Autism spectrum disorders are an epidemic among children, striking 1 in 68 individuals.  More children are affected by autism than diabetes, AIDS, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and Down syndrome combined.

All proceeds from the 16th Annual Food and Wine Festival will benefit APPBC, as well as the students at The Learning Center at the Els Center of Excellence and the Renaissance Learning Academy.  Both local charter schools exclusively serve over 240 students who have autism spectrum disorders. All fundraising and event workers are volunteers to ensure that your financial support and donations directly benefit these organizations.

February 22, 2020 5:30pm  

       19th Annual

Food & Wine Festival